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    Exercise aids recovery from brain injury

    Exercise is an important part of recovery for people with brain injury, University of Queensland researchers have found.

    20 November 2017
  • Volunteers sought for knee pain study

    Volunteers sought for knee pain study

    Researchers at The University of Queensland’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences are seeking participants for a kneecap pain research project.

    20 November 2017
  • Gossiping provides people a clearer sense of appropriate behaviour, UQ researchers found.

    Have you heard? Gossiping isn’t all bad

    Gossiping helps a person develop a better understanding of their society’s expected behaviours, researchers from The University of Queensland have found.

    17 November 2017
UQ researchers have discovered how calcium is transferred into mother’s milk.

Breakthrough research at the University of Queensland has unlocked a mysterious process essential to breastfeeding.

7 May 2015
Children who are good at understanding the mental perspectives of others are rated by their peers as being popular at school.

Children who are sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others are more popular in the playground, according to new research from The University of Queensland.

24 April 2015
A new UQ study has revealed that independent women have more romantic success.

Women have an outdated idea of what men want in a potential partner – and they should feel more comfortable being themselves, according to University of Queensland research.

23 April 2015

Adolescents will be able to use the internet to treat their Obsessive Compulsive Disorder thanks to a free initiative being run by The University of Queensland.

20 April 2015
UQ PPP Fear-less

University of Queensland researchers are seeking families of anxious children to participate in a ground-breaking intervention called Fear-less.

17 April 2015
Thought Sport

Each week three UQ School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences coaching and sports psychology experts offer their opinions on five topics where mindgames are at the forefront.

17 April 2015
Professor Richard Ryan

Thank you to Professor Richard Ryan, co-founder of Self-Determination Theory for sharing his research and insights in a guest lecture.

15 April 2015

Birth weight, the amount of time a mother spends with her child, and the education level of both parents will have more impact on a child than whether they attend a private or public school.

13 April 2015
Thought Sport

Each week UQ coaching and sports psychology experts will offer their opinions on five sporting events where mindgames will be at the forefront.

10 April 2015
Independent research has shown a UQ parenting program can help children with behavioural issues.

Parents of children with developmental disabilities can take heart from new research which shows that a University of Queensland program can reduce serious emotional and behavioural problems.

9 April 2015

Well done if you took your Easter eggs on a hike of Mount Coot-tha and only ate them once you reached the summit.

7 April 2015

A trip to the stunning shores of the Torres Strait Islands has reinforced the need to make a difference to dementia sufferers in even the remotest of locations.

7 April 2015

Young Australians often underestimate the importance of having a will and fail to plan ahead, according to the results of a national study.

7 April 2015
University of Queensland academics have weighed in on the topic of bullying in school sport.

A new ‎Australian anti-bullying documentary takes the battle to the school-yard, with two University of Queensland academics weighing in on the topic of bullying in school sport.

31 March 2015

Bubbles invisible to the naked eye could provide the next breakthrough in treating heart and eye problems – and present an alternate treatment for cancer and cellulite as well.

30 March 2015
The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has given $8.3 million in funding to a UQ musculoskeletal project.

University of Queensland-led research into solutions for musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain and osteoarthritis has attracted more than $8 million from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

25 March 2015

A free six-week exercise program for people recently diagnosed with cancer or undergoing treatment will begin at The University of Queensland next month.

24 March 2015
Flying a plane through virtual-reality goggles

Fun virtual-reality goggles that allow patients to fly a digitised plane are being used to combat neck pain.

20 March 2015

Understanding the frequent emotional and mental struggles involved in weight management and wellbeing is at the heart of a new University of Queensland study.

18 March 2015
UQ exercise physiology students are providing exercise and lifestyle programs to people with mental illness.

Following the mantra that a healthy body equals a healthy mind, exercise physiology students from the University of Queensland are providing exercise and lifestyle programs to people with mental illness.

16 March 2015
Live music creates $1.2 billion of economic activity in Australia each year

Australia’s musicians are a happy bunch, despite many being poorly paid, having little job security, working long hours – and drinking heavily.

13 March 2015
School students learning about science careers at an InspireU camp at UQ in 2014

Improving health outcomes for urban Indigenous people will be the focus of the UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, a new centre at The University of Queensland that was officially opened tonight.

9 March 2015