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Teaching and Learning in the news


  • OP entry guarantee for select programs for 2020.
  • HLTH1000 had 1456 enrolments in 2019.
  • Indigenous curriculum modules.
  • Digital health curriculum resources project.
  • Placements Management project (with Bright Consulting).
  • Interprofessional Education Faculty Committee, Community of Practice and partner engagement.
  • Master of Pharmaceutical Industry Practice has started well with a cohort of 26 students and continues to get enquiries/enrolments for 2020 and beyond.
  • Program Architecture review.
  • UQ2U activities - nine large courses in 2019 being blended under UQ2U initiative.
  • ClinEd2U@UQ program with Medicine and Veterinary Science.
  • SSAF projects to enhance student mentoring, international and rural student support (Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences); to support professional futures (Health and Rehabilitation Sciences /Human Movement and Sport Sciences); exposing medical students to exercise science (Faculty of Medicine/Human Movement and Sport Sciences); career mentoring (Dentistry/Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work).
  • Faculty Student Experience Committee established.
  • Faculty Student Experience Team  established.
  • Employability progress on mapping employability skills across our curriculum with the assistance of the Faculty Career Advisor.
  • Hololens: the faculty has been trialling augmented reality incorporated into the curriculum and this will ramp up in 2020.
  • Recognition of Academic Excellence event was held again in 2019 and recognized students that are excelling in their studies as well as those the university awarded academic scholarships.
  • Course renewal: HaBS T & L Office established a data-led course renewal process, identifying courses with pedagogical needs and providing support over an extended period.
  • Mud Map initiative: we now have a live map of T&L initiatives across UQ and within the Faculty, to assist staff in negotiating the emergent spaces and to provide a connection to the key resources and stakeholders.
  • Course Coordinator handbook.
  • Speech Pathology (UG and PG) was reaccredited in 2019.
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