Video safety tests to help doctors assess driving ability of Australians living with dementia

4 January 2023

Dr Theresa Scott from UQ’s School of Psychology featured in an ABC article about a video-based hazard perception test being developed by UQ that will help to assess the driving ability of people living with dementia.

Dr Scott said there is currently no clear process to determine when driving is deemed unsafe and that can put GPs in the "very difficult" role of having to "police driver safety" with their patients.

"What the test aims to do is to test that person's ability to predict a traffic incident, so to predict a hazard for example," Dr Scott said.

"It means that people can continue to drive while they're safe, they can be tested by their GP and their GP will feel confident to say if they can continue to drive."

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The story also appeared on 7 News, RACGP and more.