People with assistance dogs left struggling to find rentals and aged care in Queensland

7 February 2023

PhD Candidate Amanda Salmon from UQ’s School of Psychology spoke to ABC about research which has found a lack of support for assistance animals. 

The research found assistance animal owners moving into aged care had even fewer legal protections and in some cases had to relinquish or rehome their assistance animals.

"We found that a lot of aged care facilities just don't allow owners to take their assistance animals in with them," lead researcher Amanda Salmon said.

Aged care facilities are not included in the list of accommodation that cannot refuse accommodation for people with guide, hear or assistance dogs in Queensland.

Ms Salmon said the lapse in the law meant people moving into aged care were faced with the decision to give up their assistance animal to stay in the facility.

"It should be that there is less red tape for aged care to just allow them to stay together," she said.

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