Physiotherapists' approaches to LGBTQIA+ patients

2 June 2023

Dr Megan Ross from UQ's School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences spoke to Australian Physiotherapy Association about a study examining the attitudes, beliefs and knowledge gaps of physiotherapists in Australia regarding working with patients who identify as LGBTQIA+.

Treating all patients the same erases the importance of difference and may result in the specific needs of people with diverse identities and experiences being overlooked.

If the physiotherapist assumes all patients can be treated the same and does not consider the potential impact of past traumas related to homophobia, they may inadvertently trigger negative emotions or memories during the session, leading to discomfort or distress for the patient.

Culturally safe care for LGBTQIA+ individuals requires physiotherapists to tailor their approach to the specific needs of each client, considering all aspects of their experience, including identity, gender and sexual orientation.

By doing so, physiotherapists can create an environment that fosters trust and encourages LGBTQIA+ clients to engage with physiotherapy services.

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