The role of the Board of Studies is to advise the Executive Dean on current and future issues that relate to the development, content, structure and rules pertaining to academic programs.

In particular, the Board of Studies will advise the Executive Dean on:
  • Proposals for the development of undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs and other academic initiatives involving coursework students in Health and Behavioural Sciences (including programs where the HABS faculty contributes but are offered by other faculties).
  • Proposed changes to courses, programs, entry requirements or semester of intake for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs in Health and Behavioural Sciences.
  • Strategic developments in the fields, disciplines and professions relevant to the programs monitored by the Board of Studies.
  • The performance of existing programs via reporting of Academic Program Review processes.
  • Reports by Program Directors of Faculty programs.
  • The establishment of working groups (as required) to provide advice on specific program developments.
  • Opportunities for cross-disciplinary teaching within the Faculty and the University.
  • Any other matter referred to it by the Executive Dean.