About CRC Longevity

The CRC Longevity brings private and public organisations together to challenge the assumptions of traditional ageing models through world-class applied research and innovation.

Our vision

Addressing the themes of Live, Learn, Work and Play, the CRC Longevity focuses on the nexus of individuals, community, industry, and society, to ensure older Australians have a bright, productive and fulfilling future. The CRC Longevity will stimulate and inform policy change and the creation and commercialisation of new products and services to support older Australians in fulfilling their aspirations for healthy, active and productive lives.

About the CRC program

The Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) program is an Australian Government initiative that aims to foster high quality research to solve industry-identified problems, through industry-led and outcome-focused collaborative research partnerships. The program offers grant funds to support medium to long term collaborative research of up to 10 years.

Essential activities

As a minimum, CRCs must undertake all of the following activities:

"Medium to long term industry-led high quality collaborative research to solve industry identified problems and deliver outcomes consistent with Government Priorities, improving the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries; an industry-focused education and training program. This must include, but is not limited to, a PhD program that complements the research program and that increases engagement, technology development, skilled employees and R&D capacity within Industry Entities; implementation of strategies that build the R&D capacity within SMEs; and deployment of research outputs and encouragement of take-up by industry."

CRC Funding

The CRC program provides funding to supplement contributions by the participants. All participants must contribute resources to the CRC, including both cash and in-kind, tied and untied contributions, and these must match the Commonwealth grant. However, to be a competitive application, the total participant contributions may need to be in excess of the dollar for dollar matching required by the guidelines.

Structure of the Proposed CRC

The CRC will be formed as a Company Limited by Guarantee. Essential Participants will have the option to become members of the Company. The Company will be governed by a skills-based Board of Directors. The Board will be led by an independent Chair, and the majority of Board members must be independent of the CRC’s participants. A number of sub-committees and advisory panels will be used to provide expert opinion to the Board (e.g. scientific review panel, consumer advocacy panel). The day-to-day management of the CRC Company will be via a streamlined management team reporting to the Board.

Visit the CRC Grants page of the Business.gov.au website for more information.