Our researchers

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Our research process

Through knowledge, disruption and change, we're developing new products and services that meet the needs and expectations of current and future Australians to live healthier, more active lives for longer.


Challenge existing models and services, by developing a robust evidence base and new knowledge. Connect in older people and their multi-generational communities.


  • Tools to analyse complex new data and datasets;
  • Open access knowledge platforms to leverage collective data to identify key challenges
  • Robust evidence to improve and/or identify new opportunities


Identify alternative future scenarios for individuals, communities, society and industry based on accurate evidence. Design, test, and implement new ideas in ‘Living Labs’ - with adoption sprints and accelerated research.


  • New Futures: future scenario planning; landscape/sector analysis including use cases
  • New business, operating, service, product or support models and approaches across various industries


Develop a new longevity market including new revenue streams and market opportunities with existing or new industries.


  • A knowledge base for new social, regulatory and policy models to leverage opportunities for older Australians.
  • Frameworks for policy development and implementation
  • Unleashing the longevity economy