Additional requirement depending on placement site.


Application time: 10-12 weeks

Cost: $0 (students are classed as volunteers)

You will only be required to obtain a Yellow Card if the provider site requires it. Please do not apply for a Yellow Card unless advised you need to do so.

The Yellow Card is required for placements within the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors funded non-government service provider or a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) non-government service provider. If required, the provider applies for the card on your behalf. 

When applying for a yellow card or a yellow card exemption it is the responsibility of the funded non-government service provider to:

  • Seek a person's consent to conduct criminal history screening
  • Submit an application for to the department, on behalf of a person seeking to be engaged by the service provider (in some cases the service provider may pay for the criminal history screening, but in other cases the provider may require the prospective worker to pay for the screening).

The department will forward the application to the Queensland Police, who will conduct a national check of the person's criminal history and provide the results of the screening to the department. The Director-General of the department will use this information to decide whether to issue:

  • A positive notice (yellow card) - this means the person can work for a department funded non-government organisation; or
  • A negative notice - this means a person cannot work for a department funded non-government organisation.
  • Funded non-government service providers must ensure the following for workers engaged to work with adults:
  • An application for criminal history screening is submitted before a worker commences work and the person is only engaged or continues to be engaged if they receive a yellow card or a yellow card exemption
  • Volunteers only commence work after they receive a yellow card or a yellow card exemption.