Executive Dean update

Dear Colleagues

The year to date has been like no other. The challenge created by the COVID-19 pandemic has seen us need to re-think how we work, how we teach and interact with students, how (and on what) we conduct research, and how we manage our critical engagement with industry and government partners – in short, how we go about pretty much all of our core business. 

Hopefully the main challenge that now lies ahead is how to return to business as usual as soon as possible while keeping the best of the new ways of doing things that we have discovered and have arisen out of the necessity of the COVID response. The ‘new normal’ will require us to be even more agile, adaptable and change-acceptant than before and I’m confident we have the personnel within this Faculty to do just that and continue to grow our international standing and strength. 

The response of all staff during this period of adversity has been nothing short of magnificent. I want to thank each and every one of you for your role in  ‘riding out the COVID storm’ while continuing to engage students, conduct research, connect with key external partners and alumni, and enable the activities of a diverse and ambitious faculty. Thank you!!

This update highlights a number of activities, events and achievements from the year to date and we’ve endeavoured to make it as COVID-free as possible. Please take the time to look through the sections below and click through the featured stories.  I hope a read through the Update will reinforce just how much has been achieved, in spite of the attendant challenges.

Best wishes,

Professor Bruce Abernethy
Executive Dean, Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

Bruce Abernethy