eLearning Community of Practice Showcase for the Faculties of HABS and MABS

All staff are invited to the combined HABS and MABS eLearning showcase. Staff from across both faculties will contribute short presentations on the use of technology in teaching or student engagement. The showcase will be an ideal opportunity to share and exchange experiences or ideas on the use of technology in education. Please come and join us for a great discussion on eLearning.

Date: Tuesday, 27 May 2014
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Venue: Seminar Room 202, Learning Innovation Building (17), St Lucia

Please RSVP for catering purposes by Friday, 23 May 2014 to Jessica Tsai, eLearning Coordinator, email to j.tsai@uq.edu.au.

Open Course Scheme

The Open Course Scheme (OCS) organised by TEDI, is a way to encourage UQ staff to observe and experience other teachers’ classrooms and share teaching and learning approaches. This semester the open courses include:

  • CSSE2010: Introduction to Computer Systems
    Associate Professor Peter Sutton
  • EDUC1049: Learning Tools for the 21st Century
    Dr Chris Campbell
  • LAWS1112: Law and Society
    Dr Mark Burdon
  • PHYS1001: Mechanics & Thermal Physics I
    Professor Matthew Davis and Professor Michael Drinkwater
  • SCIE1000: Theory & Practice in Science
    Prof Peter Adams
  • SLAT2002: Introduction to Language & Technology
    Dr Caroline Steel
  • TOUR7052: Travel Distribution and Transport Systems
    Dr Pierre Benckendorff

For more information and booking (places are limited), please visit TEDI’s Open Course Scheme website.

The Gated Pipeline project

The Pitcher/Gated Pipeline for Blueprint funding is currently operational and the first deadline for submission (17 Feb 2014) has passed. The second submission deadline is yet to be advised. 

Notes when making submissions:

  • Please include the tag "SIG" or "INN" in the title of the proposal.
  • The project scope for the proposals can be up to 12 months (broader scope can form part of the proposal, but funding should be requested for no more than what can be achieved in 12 months.
  • Note that the text in the gated pipeline application can be formatted by using "Markdown" - a cheat sheet available at gated-pipeline-mark-tags
  • All pipeline submissions must include Associate Dean (Academic) (ADA) endorsement. This can be in the form of an email or faculty Teaching and Learning committee minutes.

Faculty has submitted an innovation project to the Gated Pipeline in the first submission round, to investigate potential online student evaluation system (INN-skill-enabled e-portfolio).

The UQ Course (Blackboard) Archive project

The archive project allows access to learning materials from older courses (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012 are available and ITS still working on 2011) in IMS-format zip files. Staff can request a copy of the previous learning materials through "copy courses" request.

The VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) project

The VDI project provides students and staff with easy access to UQ’s licensed software and applications in an online virtual environment, using UQ credentials. The project will remove the hassles of software licensing and maintenance, and allow student and staff access from any platforms or devices. The project is currently being piloted at the Schools of Nursing and Midwifery, Ipswich and Veterinary Science, Gatton in virtual desktop classrooms.

The Student Survey Management System (SECAT online) project

Moving SECAT online, to remove paper-based collection, improve data and reporting accuracy and improve business processes is in progress (Stage 1 - implementation). The online survey is estimated to be available in August (Semester 2), 2014. For full details click here.

Vuepoint: Screen sharing system in central teaching space

The ITS AV team has given demonstrations on the proposed software-based screen sharing and video switching system, Vuepoint, to improve existing hardware-based setups in the collaborative space. The ITS AV team is working on the full setup of the software system in one of the existing collaborative space (e.g. Sir Llew Edwards Room 14-219), and future workshops will be available for academics to experience the system in a teaching space.


Blackboard have announced they have bought a new product – myedu, which is a student centric capability with some ePortfolio features that appears to form a bridge between student learning and employment.

The Blackboard Analytics project

ITS TLS (Teaching and Learning Support) team is working on the new added feature in Blackboard, the Blackboard Analytics. The initial focus of the project is to identify students at risk using the standard report function, as well as retain and support these students. Other aims are to improve student engagement as well as courses and student results.

System Maintenance

System (Learn.UQ) maintenance
Saturday 12 April - Four 5 minute slowdown periods where servers responses will be delayed

Saturday 26 April - Blackboard will be unavailable between 5AM and 9AM

System (Learn.UQ) full upgrade
ITS TLS (Teaching and Learning Support team) anticipates another full upgrade (unavailable for a full day) on Monday 24 November. Please inform ITS directly of any issue/s (e.g. marking period).

Other eLearning Tools

New TurnItIn Feature: Grade Anything - Evaluate any type of assignment, in any subject.

TurnItIn now has new online submission and marking options which accept all file types. Image files or Powerpoint presentations can now be submitted and graded as an assessment in TurnItIn. The new submission option also allows instructors to setup assessment items that would not require file submission, such as oral presentations or scenario-based assessments. This allows instructors to evaluate student’s work while assessment is in progress, particularly with the use of the iPad marking app. Please go to TurnItIn demo (videos) for further details.

EchoCenter Access - Additional student access to lecture recordings

A new link, "EchoCenter Access", has been added to the Blackboard Learning Resources for all courses. The link provides an alternative method for students to access recordings when individual recording links are unavailable. The link will need to be opened in a popup window; therefore users will need to disable any popup blockers for this website in their browser settings.

Echo 360 Lecture Recording Live Streaming

Live streaming functionality has been tested within ITS and is soon to be trialled in the Brain Institute to expand the seating capacity of a lecture room to include another (streamed) room of seats. The process for adding a stream to your lectures is to ask AV to "Check a box". Invitations are open to pilot the feature in your faculties before we advertise it for general use.

Echo PCAP Desktop Recording Access Improvements

The process for staff to access Echo360 Personal Capture (PCAP) has been streamlined. Requests for access to the Echo system are now completed by the eLearning Helpdesk (not AV). The software is now freely available from ITS Licensing. HABS, MABS and HASS PC users also have the option to download and install the software from the Software Centre (administrative access to the machine is not required for installation).