eLearning Community of Practice Showcase for the Faculties of HABS and MABS

The showcase was held on 27 May and was well attended with over 40 participants across all schools. Thank you to all the attendees for their interest and support in eLearning, and a special thank you to all the presenters:

  • Mrs Andrea Kazoullis, School of Dentistry
  • Dr David MacDonald, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
  • Dr Pamela Meredith, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
  • Dr Tanya Rose, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
  • Dr Norman Ng, School of Human Movement Studies
  • Associate Professor Nancy Sturman, School of Medicine
  • Dr Debbie Tsui, School of Pharmacy
  • Dr Lisa Schubert and Dr Jo Durham, School of Population Health
  • Dr Natalie Loxton, School of Psychology

The presentations and resources will be available online at a later date.
We hope to see everyone at the next eLearning event.

The Gated Pipeline Project

The faculty’s submission, the skilled-enabled ePortfolio (Innovation project), has been successful in the first round funding under the eLearning blueprint scheme. The faculty is in the process of defining a governance structure, and further details will be provided shortly.

Other successful submissions in the first round include:

  • School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering:
    Student Learning Pathway: Providing students with individually tailored maps for planning and tracking learning (Signature project)
  • School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering:
    Platypus++: A Smart, Open, Cross-Campus Randomized Assignment Peer (Innovation project)
  • Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences:
    Strengthening the First-Year Gateways: Aligned, Literate and Flipped (Signature project)

SHRS Technology in Teaching Seminar Series

The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences is offering interactive eLearning sessions to staff members in the use of online tools to enhance teaching and learning. These sessions offer SHRS staff the opportunity to develop their ability to use eLearning technology in a supportive environment. Topics and tools covered so far in the sessions include:

  • Marking with rubrics and voice comments
  • Video and desktop recording using Kaltura
  • Video assignment submission and marking
  • In class e-assessment
  • Case studies: flipped classroom, learning to teach online
  • UQPoll (online polling)
  • Red dot (ActivePrompt - information about what the class understands)
  • Padlet (virtual wall, online collaborative space)

The next session will be held in August 2014. If you are a SHRS staff member who would like to attend the next session or would like additional information about the sessions, please contact David MacDonald. To view the seminar content please visit the support page at http://www.tedi.uq.edu.au/shrs.

If your school would like to organize a seminar or session on a particular technology or advanced teaching and learning strategy (e.g. flipped classroom), please contact the Faculty eLearning Coordinator, Jessica Tsai. She can also discuss and arrange custom workshop/s to address the specific needs of your school.

Designing for Mobile Learning Seminar

Design is a central discipline in e-learning (learning with computers) and it is also seen as having a similar role in mobile learning (learning with mobile devices).

Mobile learning is seeking to appropriate personal technologies developed for market segments characterized as lifestyle, youth, fashion and other transient niches. These factors and forces define the place where design takes place.

  • Prof John Traxler, Professor of Mobile Learning at University of Wolverhampton
  • Dr Hardy Ernst, Lecturer, School of Biomedical Sciences, The University of Queensland.

Date: Friday, 27 June 2014
Time: 2:00 - 4:00pm
Venue: Steel Building (3), Room 329
Please RSVP by email to tedi@uq.edu.au


Blackboard Test Tool additional feature

A new setting has been added in the Create Test option: "3. Test Availability Exceptions". This allows instructors to release a test to a group or individual students at different times and dates without going through Adaptive Release.

Features of online submission and marking tools in Blackboard


  • Submission of any file type (submission files cannot exceed the file size of 20MB)
  • Text matching and originality check (Text assignments only)
  • Text and/or Bubble comments (Text and image files only)
  • Comment banks available
  • Feedback/Marking possible without file submission (useful for oral presentation assessments)
  • General text feedback, voice feedback rubrics, and grading forms available for custom marking
  • iPad app for off-line marking is available (estimated maximum of 400 submissions/students)
  • Rounded marks are returned to Grade Centre
  • Comments can be linked to a specific rubric criterion
  • Further details on marking in TurnItIn are available at http://www.elearning.uq.edu.au/content/turnitin-marks-rubrics-grading-form-overview

Blackboard Assignment

  • Group or individual marks for group assignments
  • Submission of any file type
  • Embed video from My Media (Kaltura) for assignment submission
  • Marking tools: drawing annotations and in-line text comments
  • Marks are not rounded
  • Mark ranges are possible
  • Further details on Blackboard assignment are available at http://www.elearning.uq.edu.au/content/assignment-tool

The Blackboard Analytics project

Blackboard Analytics collates data from various systems (Si-Net, Blackboard and ECPs) to generate comprehensive reports, dashboards and graphic representations of online teaching and learning patterns and outcomes. Mark Horswill (with assistance from Jenny English) from the School of Psychology has volunteered to pilot the Analytics next semester for his course PSYC3020: Measurement in Psychology, with an estimated class size of 580 students.

Blackboard full day outage for upgrade

ITS TLS (Teaching and Learning Support) has proposed the date of Monday 24 November (the day after exam week, and a week prior to the commencement of summer semester) for a full upgrade to Blackboard. Both Blackboard and TurnItIn will not be accessible on the day. Please contact the Faculty eLearning Coordinator Jessica Tsai for any major concerns about the proposed date. For full details please visit http://www.elearning.uq.edu.au/content/blackboard-upgrade-timeline-2014

Other eLearning Tools

Dr Mathew Hillier’s e-Exam system

The initial trial of the e-Exam system has been completed during this mid semester in four courses ('Animal Health Technology', 'Animal and Veterinary Biology', 'Punishment and Society' and 'Neurological Physiotherapy'). e-Exam is an open source platform that uses USB sticks to start up student laptops for scalable, secure and on-campus invigilated high stakes assessment. The first trial was voluntary for students and focused on short-answer and essay style exams using a word processor although the system is also capable of multimedia and computer marked question types. The results of the post-exam survey for the 50+ students that chose to type their exam showed positive feedback across Likert scale items relating to the use of the e-Exam system.

Courses Class Size Percentage that typed
VETS 89 12%
CRIM 67 25%
PHTY 133 19%
ANIM 114 4%
TOTAL 403 14%

(Note: x is the mean score)
Diagram supplied by Dr Mathew Hillier, 2014

The post-exam surveys were administered to all 450+ students including those that choose to hand write the exam with comparisons between typers and hand-writers regarding their reaction to exam conditions as well as general writing strategies. Significant differences appeared for Likert scale items such as their perceived ability to type more quickly than hand write 4.6/5 (strongly agree) by typers and 3.7/5 for those that used pens and accuracy of keyboarding with 4.2/5 by typers versus 3.5/5 for those that chose to hand write. Other issues such as the perceived 'neatness' of their own hand-writing did not vary across the two groups with mean scores of 3.4/5 for both.

Further data analysis is still underway with detailed report to be tabled at a later stage.

For further information, please contact the Faculty eLearning Coordinator Jessica Tsai or Dr Mathew Hillier. Dr Mathew Hillier is seeking expression of interest to trial the e-Exam system in courses for Semester 2. Please email your interest to m.hillier@uq.edu.au.