The University of Queensland provides a variety of specialised, client-focused healthcare and rehabilitation clinical services to the general public, including children and seniors, as well as students and staff of the University.

The UQ Health Clinics offer high quality and professional healthcare in:

Unlike other similar clinics, UQ's excellence in teaching and research is evident in our quality of care and evidence-based approach to clinic practices.  As a teaching facility for students, UQ Health Clinic clients have access to state-of-the-art assessment equipment, tools and research which is not available at most other private or public clinics of a similar nature.

Our students are supervised by qualified staff at all times, ensuring our clients receive the best possible assessment, care and treatment.

As one of Australia's leading universities, UQ provides the best teaching, learning and healthcare outcomes and many of our specialists are leaders in their fields. Our students learn from the best, to be the best and their involvement in our clinics allows us to provide the best possible healthcare to our clients.

Many of our clinics charge, but the fees are very competitive with private practice. Applicable fees will be discussed with you when book your appointment as fees vary by service and practitioner. To book an appointment or enquire further, please click on the relevant clinic list above.