Allison MundrusiakYour name and position?
Dr Allison Mandrusiak, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.
What have been your key career achievements?
Receiving an international teaching award from Universitas 21; receiving teaching awards at UQ and a national award through the Office of Teaching and Learning; being awarded Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy; my promotion to Senior Lecturer; supporting others to achieve success, awards and fellowships.
Have you faced any barriers as a woman?
I have been fortunate to have people (family, colleagues, friends) who have supported my career and helped me to achieve success. In the early part of my career, I hesitated to connect with others and instead focused on 'running my own race'. I have grown to realise that I am not on my own, and it is not a race; I now find opportunities to connect with, and learn from, others.  
What areas are you particularly passionate about that you would like to see change for women in the future?
When we have a spirit of generosity, we work together rather than against each other. I like to see sharing of strengths and celebration of each others' successes because when one person flourishes, the community is stronger and we can all flourish. I believe in the value of women connecting with each other and feeling part of a community. This may be in the form of formal networks, mentors and sponsors, as well as informal check-ins and catch-ups.

Can you suggest how young women, at any stage of their career or study, can overcome barriers and progress towards gender parity? 
Be adaptable. When there is a challenge, whether it is an unexpected event, a new project or a change in circumstance or direction, find opportunities in the challenge. Then, step up and use the opportunity to grow. Align your work with your strengths and what energises you, and do your work well. Shine through your work so that you become known for those special things that you do well. Then connect with others to share your work and strengths. Be open to learn from others as part of this partnership.  

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