Pauline FordYour name and position?
Pauline Ford, Head, School of Dentistry.

What have been your key career achievements?‚Äč
Helping the School to rewrite its future; and my appointment to Head of School.

Have you faced any barriers as a woman?
Pressure (in a role before I joined UQ) to not take the time I needed to be at home with my children when they were small.

What areas are you particularly passionate about that you would like to see change for women in the future?
It’s one thing to have gender representation in the workforce generally, it’s another to have that representation at leadership level. Too often I see women being good corporate citizens at the expense of their own career progression. That’s not generally a male behaviour.

Can you suggest how young women, at any stage of their career or study, can overcome barriers and progress towards gender parity?
Speak up! The best advice I ever got was when you are in a meeting and think something sounds wrong or you are confused, don’t assume that you’re the only one who feels that way.

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