Dr Sarit KaserzonYour name and position?
Dr Sarit Kaserzon, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences (QAEHS).

What have been your key career achievements?
Working on developing and applying analytical-based potable water security screening solutions that have been applied during major international events to safeguard drinking water supplies. For example, during the G20 summit of world leaders in Brisbane (2014) and for the upcoming Commonwealth Games 2018 on the Gold Coast. It is nice to see that your work can be useful and have an impact. Developing sampling tools for environmental water pollutants that have been adopted by local government and industry as well as internationally. Being invited to participate in a global international scientific community on passive sampling technologies and attending international workshops side-by-side with the academics and experts in the field whose work I admire.

Have you faced any barriers as a woman?
I don’t think that being a woman has hindered my career development so far. I have been offered and given equal opportunities to apply and get accepted to scholarships, positions and awards. Since becoming a mum though I now find it a bit challenging juggling family time with my two boys and the fast-paced, demanding world of an early career researcher.

What areas are you particularly passionate about that you would like to see change for women in the future?
I would like to see more support within academia and industry for women raising the next generation of thinkers and doers. I believe that longer maternity leave and increased government support for early year childcare options would allow more women to positively contribute and reduce the level of stress on families and individuals. Women are such fantastic creative thinkers that have in-built capacity to create and nurture, we should embrace that in all aspects of working environments. 

Can you suggest how young women, at any stage of their career or study, can overcome barriers and progress towards gender parity?
Believe in yourself and your talents and your capabilities. Do not judge yourself by others opinions, no matter who they are.

Anything else you’d like to add?
It’s a great time to be a woman. Find out what gets you excited and pursue your dreams. Be confident, kind and inspired.

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