Join iLaunch and become a student leader

iLaunch is a community of first year international students from the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences sharing their knowledge with incoming international and domestic students to successfully launch their UQ journey.

Adjusting to university life involves meeting new people, learning new systems and finding your way around a new space. It can be daunting asking for help or knowing who to ask. This is where our iLaunch leaders make their mark.

Meet our leaders

What is iLaunch?

iLaunch is an information providing service for incoming students. iLaunch leaders will engage in one-off conversations, pre-arrival and on campus, from orientation week to week 3.  You will be matched with incoming students belonging to the same program and be identifiable on campus by your custom made iLaunch badge.

  • Share pre-arrival checklist and information with incoming international students
  • Participate in live online chat events in your home country
  • Answer commonly asked questions
  • Refer students to support services

You will not be providing peer mentoring, academic or counselling support in this role.

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Why join?

Becoming an iLaunch leader provides you with new experiences and the opportunity to expand your network. You will undergo a recruitment process with training in the following areas:

  • Customer service
  • Leadership
  • Active listening
  • Conflict resolution
  • CRM software
  • Student Services and support referral
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Benefits for you

The iLaunch program also launches your experience at UQ; providing the opportunity to further develop your professional and personal skills

  • Student voice opportunities
  • Discover and reflect on your employability strengths
  • Receive career development consultations
  • Contribution to the UQ Employability Award
  • Faculty Leadership Award
  • Have fun connecting with your peers
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How to get involved

We are looking for current first year international students from the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, and the School of Dentistry.

Students will need to be available for:

  • End of semester iLaunch training day
  • Short online Q&A event (you can participate online from your home country)
  • On campus face to face information sessions, orientation week – week 3.
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Register your interest

Register your interest by emailing the Program Coordinator:

Jacinta Sinclair
HaBS Student Experience Coordinator

Email to register your interest

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