This study is training parents to conduct exposure therapy with their shy children. 

Shyness is a disruptive problem experienced by many children. It can stop them from making friends, doing well at school or talking to adults.

Gradual exposure to social interaction is the most effective treatment for shyness. Typically a psychologist would conduct exposure therapy with a shy child, however, in this study, we want to train parents to do this on their own.

Mothers will be coached to conduct exposure therapy with their child. This research will lead to parent-based exposure treatments and reduce the need for ongoing treatment with a psychologist.


  • Mother and child aged 5-12 years, both are participants
  • Child is not experiencing serious mental illness or developmental disorder
  • Participants must commit to four coaching sessions lasting 2-3 hours (this can be conducted after school)

Participiant Benefits 

  • Parents will learn skills to manage their child’s shyness.
  • Parents may also learn skills to manage their own anxiety.

Register your interest 

Register via email using the link below or call Dr Simon Byrne on (07) 3365 6677. 

Register your interest

This study has been approved by The University of Queensland Human Research Ethics Committee [Approval No. 2021/HE001424]