*This study is now closed. 

Are you a health professional student going on clinical placement this year?

We’re looking for students for research investigating how clinical placements impact on the development of interprofessional collaborative practice competencies in students. Interprofessional collaborative practice is when health workers from different professions work together with patients, carers and families to deliver high quality care.

Participation in the study involves:

  1. Completion of an online survey at the end of your clinical placement (<10 minutes).
  2. Participation in a simulated team meeting that can be held either on campus at The University of Queensland or online via Zoom, at the start and end of your clinical placement, to discuss a case study, during which a researcher will observe and assess interprofessional collaborative competencies (30 minutes per session). 
  3. If you are on a structured interprofessional education placement at Southern Queensland Rural Health, UQ Healthy Living or the STARS facility (Metro North Hospital and Health Services), you may be asked if a researcher can observe you during two 45 minutes time periods of teamwork while you are on placement to assess interprofessional collaborative competencies. This would occur at the beginning and end of your placement.
  4. You may be invited to participate in a focus group with up to 5 people (60 minutes).

The assessment and the data collected from the surveys and focus groups will be used for this research only and would not in any way be related to your placement assessment, grades or overall performance.

Participant benefits

Participants will receive a $20 gift voucher for participating in this research study.


Health professional students who are going on a clinical placement this year.

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*This study is now closed. 

This study has been approved by The University of Queensland Human Research Ethics Committee [Approval No. 2020002984].