Researchers at the University of Queensland are inviting people with Parkinson’s disease to participate in a research project aiming to improve and maintain physical activity levels.

Physical activity contributes to preserving functions such as gait, balance in standing, and muscle strength, and to ensuring efficient performance of activities of daily living and maintenance of independence. Despite this, physical activity in is on average 1/3 lower in people with Parkinson’s disease than people of the same age without Parkinson’s disease.


People are eligible to participate if they:

  • Have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (confirmed by a neurologist)
  • Are able to move and walk independently
  • Have not had surgery for their Parkinson’s disease

Participant Benefits:

All participants will receive three free assessments tracking changes in walking capacity and activity over 6 months.

Participants in the intervention group will receive 12 free, group exercise sessions run by a physiotherapist and specific coaching aimed to help people continue physical activity including using activity monitoring watches to monitor and maintain good activity levels. Training groups available in various Brisbane locations.

Register your interest:

Contact the researchers by email  or phone: 07 3365 2779. 

Alternativley, please complete the short questionnaire below to register your interest:

Physical Activity in Parkinson's disease: Initial contact survey