Research surrounding the decision making of clinical occupational therapists working in traumatic brain injury (TBI) assessing functional cognition is limited.

If occupational therapists choose the most efficient and effective method to assess functional cognition in acute care, this should enable efficient transition to subacute rehabilitation with well-considered rehabilitation goals – maximising use of treatment time in rehabilitation.

This is a multi-phase mixed methods design incorporating a scoping review of the literature, a qualitative descriptive study of current practice, and conceptualisation of an approach towards assessment of functional cognition post TBI.

Occupational therapists are requested to participate in an online survey of their current use of assessments of cognition. If interested they are asked to participate in a follow-up interview to discuss the topic in more detail.

Participant benefits:

No direct benefits are associated with participation, however responses will assist the research team with their work.


Practicing occupational therapists with experience with patients who have sustained a TBI. 

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This study has been approved by The University of Queensland Human Research Ethics Committee [Approval No. 2020000751]