Interested in how the brain processes language?

Our aim is to investigate how stroke patients with communication impairment recover language function. We want to determine the best predictors of language improvement and treatment response in the critical phases of brain recovery following a stroke.

Participation in the research will involve one brain scanning (MRI) session, carried out at the Herston Imaging Research Facility (HIRF) at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Herston.

Prior to the scanning session, a brief telephone interview will be conducted to screen for project suitability. Eligible participants will then attend a scanning session at HIRF where they will be required to complete a functional MRI (fMRI) language task while in the scanner (approximately 1 hour). Participants will also be required to complete a few language activities prior to the scan (approximately 2 hours).

You'll receive:

Participants will receive $30.


  • Healthy male and female participants between 40-65 years of age
  • Right-handed
  • English as a primary language
  • No history of neurological disease, mental illness, or head trauma
  • No metals present in the body which would be unsafe in an MRI scanner.

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