The purpose of this study is to understand the relationship cognitive control training has for reducing emotional vulnerability in healthy adults. 

Studies in cognitive neuroscience have shown that problems with attentional control play a critical role in the aetiology and maintenance of anxiety and depression. Cognitive control training (CCT), comprising ~two weeks of daily online memory training (10 minutes per day), is gaining traction as an intervention capable of improving mood in clinically anxious and depressed adults. However, little is known about the efficacy of CCT for reducing emotional vulnerability in healthy adults. This study aims to explore that relationship.

Participants will meet the research team, fill in questionnaires and complete cognitive exercises over Zoom for approximately one hour. They will then engage independently in 10 minutes of computerised working memory training for around two weeks. This working memory training will be conducted online via a personal computer or tablet device. The research team will make contact with participants via email for some follow up information after you complete the training.

Participant benefits

Participants will have the opportunity to enter a $50 gift card prize draw that will be drawn every 2 – 4 weeks.


Any healthy individuals above the age of 18 are encouraged to participate.

Register your interest

Please contact the research team at to register your interest. You will then be contacted by a member of the research team to organise an initial Zoom session.

This study has been approved by The University of Queensland Human Research Ethics Committee [Approval No. 2021/HE000024]