This study will compare the results of a 6-minute walk test using a smartphone app to a conventional 6-minute walk test supervised by a physiotherapist, in order to assess the agreement between the two methods.

If the app proves to be a valid alternative to conventional 6-minute walk tests, findings from this research could enable widespread use of this app for patients who cannot travel to an appointment at a clinic or hospital.

Participation in this study will involve attending a one hour face-to-face session at Downey Park, Windsor. You will be asked to perform a conventional walk test by walking for 6 minutes between two markers placed 30 metres apart. Following a 15 minute rest period, you will be asked to perform a second 6-minute walk test by walking around the park while carrying your smartphone using the Timed Walk app to measure the walking distance.


  • Adults (18 years of age or older)
  • Have persistent pain (longer than 9 months)
  • Are either seeking treatment at the Tess Cramond Pain and Research Centre (TCPRC) or have otherwise nominated their interest in participating in this research.
  • Own or have access to a smartphone (Android or iPhone). Smartphones can be provided for the walk test if required.
  • Are able to walk outdoors for at least 100m without the use of walking aids.

Participant Benefits 

A $20 electronic gift voucher will be given to you, on the day of the walk tests, to thank you for your time.

Each participant will be sent a plain language summary of the results at the conclusion of the study.

Register your interest 

Register your interest

Or contact Dr Joshua Simmich:


This study has been approved by The University of Queensland Human Research Ethics Committee [Approval No. 2021/HE001471]