UQ researchers are looking for students who are studying in a health field to  participate in an anonymous online study about their perceptions of working in aged care.

Students studying in a health field, we would like to ask you a series of questions relating to your perceptions about aged care workers, aged care work, and working in aged care. There are no right or wrong answers; we only request that your answers reflect your honest opinions. Participants are asked to fill out two online surveys that are expected to take 20 minutes in total (e.g. 10 minutes for part 1; 10 minutes for part 2). Each survey will be completed one week apart. You will be able to complete this survey in your own time, on your own computer, mobile phone, or compatible device.

Participant benefits

Your insight may help inform ways to support future health professionals in aged care. 

Upon completion of the two surveys, you have the option to enter a draw for the chance to win one of five $20 gift cards. Contact information for the prize draw is not linked to survey responses. The winners will be randomly selected and notified at the end of the survey period. 


To participate in this study you must be:

1) Over 18 years of age and;

2) Studying in a health field.

Register your interest

If you are interested in participating, please complete the survey below. 

Complete the survey

Feel free to contact the investigator, Asmita Manchha via email (a.manchha@uq.edu.au) if you have any questions or concerns about this study.

This study has been approved by The University of Queensland Human Research Ethics Committee [Approval No. 2020002236]