The Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences Teaching and Learning Committee provides active leadership to the Faculty and its Schools through the promotion of excellence in teaching, and the continual enhancement of the quality of teaching.

The role of the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences Teaching and Learning Committee is:
  • To foster an educational environment in the Faculty in which curriculum development, teaching and assessment are approached as professional activities and superior performance is expected, valued and rewarded.
  • To consider and recommend to the Executive Dean, policies and practices related to curriculum development and teaching practices.
  • To promote ways to recognise excellence in teaching and course development and to consider and review the related procedures.
  • To devise strategies to promote recognition of excellence in course design, teaching and assessment and the development of strategies to support student learning.
  • To monitor and improve the performance of the Faculty in attainment of University, national and international awards and grants for initiatives in teaching and student learning.
  • To ensure that the Faculty contributes to the development of, and facilitates the implementation of, University policies and reports relating to teaching and learning.
  • To encourage and share information on alternative and innovative modes of learning, e.g. application of technology, alternative use of space and time.
  • To continue to develop and expand the Faculty’s Teaching and Learning Profile.
  • To propose activities and projects consistent with the objectives of the University’s Strategic Plan and Teaching and Learning Profile.
  • To provide advice to the Executive Dean on issues or policies relating to the Teaching Quality Assessment processes and funding.
  • To develop appropriate processes and procedures for measuring program courses and student outcomes.
  • To develop ways to increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning initiatives.
  • To advise on staff development initiatives needed to support new and existing educational initiatives.