The Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences supports all academics and teachers in best practices, experiencing and adopting innovative and up-to-date Teaching and Learning methods.


  • Placement organisation
    A holistic approach to placements is being investigated by the Faculty to discover synergies between our Schools. The project will allow Schools to identify key issues, challenges and opportunities and reflect on these from their own discipline’s perspective, as well as from a whole of Faculty perspective.

  • Placement management
    The Faculty is working with the steering committee established by the University to investigate placement management. The steering committee will review the current Si-net placement module on whether it is delivering the needs of the University or to look for alternatives systems.


  • ePortfolio Project
    The UQ ePortfolio Project aimed to investigate and address the need for a sustainable ePortfolio solution(s) that will enable faculties and schools to facilitate and capture students’ learning that occurs outside the normal lecture or didactic settings across the following faculties: Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

  • Common Course Curriculum
    A ‘common course’ would provide a foundation from which students could develop the essential learning attributes of contemporary health and behavioural science professionals with an enhanced capacity to navigate the health landscape of the future.  The aim of the project was to consult widely to determine if a ‘common course’ with such attributes was considered to be an important innovation and then at this stage develop a model that would demonstrate what a faculty-wide first year course might look like.

  • InterProfessional Education
    This project aims to develop an InterProfessional Education (IPE) module that all health students in HaBS and, where possible, M+BS students will participate in covering issues such as teamwork, roles and responsibilities, communication, learning/reflection, the patient/client, ethics and attitudes.