Telehealth for Clinical Practice

Explore how telehealth is revolutionising healthcare systems in Australia and gain practical skills to become an effective telehealth practitioner, and champion. 

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Telehealth has much wider clinical applications than first thought, with opportunities to embed telehealth services into new sustainable models of care emerging.  

The uptake of telehealth has been accelerated by the development of disruptive technologies, reducing costs of equipment, and access to digital health records and administration systems.  

With Telehealth for Clinical Practice, you will learn how to support a health system that is facing increasing demands and rising service costs with telehealth. You will be able to participate in this self-paced, 40-hour short course to expand your expertise in modern telehealth delivery methods and quickly increase your ability to implement it in your clinical practice with confidence.  

Become ready to be part of the digitally enabled workforce that is addressing the significant changes to the way health services are delivered.  


What you’ll learn  

The course covers the: 

  • Fundamentals of telehealth 

  • Telehealth technology 

  • Service development and implementation 

  • How to evaluate telehealth services 

  • Telehealth for healthcare professions, including discipline nuances for Audiology, Dentistry, Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Indigenous Health, Speech Pathology. 

Download the Telehealth for Clinical Practice course flyer to see an overview of each module.

Who you’ll learn from

Learn from world-leading experts and researchers in telehealth who will share invaluable knowledge that you can put into action. 

Professor Trevor Russell

Director, RECOVER Injury Research Centre and Co-Director, Centre for Research in Telerehabilitation, The University of Queensland. 

Emeritus Professor Deborah Theodoros

Co-Director, Centre for Research in Telerehabilitation, The University of Queensland. 

Professor Anthony Smith

Director, Centre for Online Health, The University of Queensland, and Adjunct Professor, University of Southern Denmark. 

Associate Professor Liam Caffery

Associate Professor of Telehealth and Director of Telehealth Technology, Centre for Online Health, The University of Queensland.

Dr Sisira Edirippulige

Coordinator of Digital Health Education Programs, Centre for Online Health, The University of Queensland. 



A$1200 plus GST 


You can start Telehealth for Clinical Practice anytime and complete it at your own pace. You will have a calendar year to complete the course from the date of enrolment.

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