Welcome to The University of Queensland and congratulations on being offered a place to pursue your passion. Our Faculty offers students a range of programs across the full spectrum of health and community welfare services.

We pride ourselves on graduating students that have had the opportunity to learn about, from and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health and community welfare outcomes.

Our programs attract the brightest students but even the keenest scholars can experience a mixture of excitement and anxiety, which can make the transition to campus life somewhat overwhelming, daunting, and sometimes scary.

This is your ambition, your dream coming to life, and because we want you to succeed, we have ensured there’s help and guidance for you at every step.

You’ll find links to all kinds of services and information on this website, and we invite you to be involved with the Orientation Week activities organised for our new students.

The friendly staff in our Faculty Office and individual School Offices are also ready to help, and will soon become familiar faces. We look forward to meeting you at welcome sessions on each campus, and connecting you to other students who might be just as nervous - but certainly just as passionate as you are.

You’ve chosen to study at UQ because it’s challenging and rewarding – academically and socially. It’s here that you will discover and develop your own potential. It’s here that you will begin to make your mark. And it’s here that you will form the friendships and professional networks that will make your studies at UQ memorable and meaningful.

On behalf of our Faculty, we wish you the very best for your studies and future career.

Professor Sarah Roberts-Thomson
Associate Dean (Academic)
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences