Spatial neglect often occurs after damage to the right side of the brain, making it difficult for stroke survivors to see things on their left.

Eating food from only the right side of the plate, shaving or applying make-up to only one side of the face, and running into objects on the left are common traits post stroke and for some survivors current therapies aren’t working.

31 January 2018
Professor Laurence Walsh AO

A long-serving University of Queensland Senate member and a Professor of Dental Science have each received an Order of Australia in the Australia Day 2018 Honours List.

29 January 2018
Emma Sievwright. Photo credit: Nick Wilson / Foxtel

The ovens are preheated and a fresh batch of Australia’s best amateur bakers is ready to knead the dough – with one of The University of Queensland’s own rising to the heat in The Great Australian Bake Off.

23 January 2018

A fictional crime drama that prompts students to explore the effectiveness of the law and justice system from a psychological perspective has won an international award.

19 January 2018
UQ is looking for participants in a workplace survey

A team of researchers at The University of Queensland are looking for participants to explore the benefits and consequences of task variety in the workplace.

12 January 2018

Mimicking sleep processes in the awake brain of elderly people could prevent age-related decline in brain function.

3 January 2018
Professor Wayne Hall

At a Festschrift jointly sponsored by The University of New South Wales and The University of Queensland ...

21 December 2017

A University of Queensland study has highlighted the importance of students working alongside parents to better equip the future speech pathology workforce. Researchers from...

21 December 2017
Professor Peter Little AM, Head of UQ’s School of Pharmacy

Professor Peter Little AM, Head of The University of Queensland’s School of Pharmacy has been elected president of the Council of Pharmacy Schools Australia and New Zealand (CPS).

21 December 2017

Listening to white noise can increase your ability to learn new words, a study by The University of Queensland has revealed.

21 December 2017
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences building

The Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences is proud to announce the promotion to professor of two academic staff members.

21 December 2017
Professor Kenneth Pakenham

A resilience training program to improve the quality of life for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) has been developed by University of Queensland researchers.

20 December 2017

Neck pain is a common condition among office workers, but regular workplace exercises can prevent and reduce it, a University of Queensland study has found.

15 December 2017

Academic, research and professional staff who have made outstanding contributions to the Faculty and wider university have been recognised at the 2017 Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences Awards.

14 December 2017

UQ speech pathology students have had the opportunity to learn from aged care residents, as part of one of their first year courses ‘Communication across the lifespan’.

12 December 2017
SPARK is a multidisciplinary health service providing centre and school based assessment, intervention and education services for children with developmental, behavioural and learning difficulties and their families

A physiotherapy assessment provided by a University of Queensland student gave a five year old girl the chance to learn without difficulties.

12 December 2017
L-R: Rifani Bhakti Natari, Kari Steele (Health World Limited), Reearna Janke

The risks of hormone therapy when compared to complementary and alternative medicines in menopausal Australian women will be the focus of a new study.

11 December 2017
Residents are experiencing stress

Retirement village contracts are a minefield for older residents, with complex legal and financial restraints impacting on their lives and preventing some residents from moving out.

11 December 2017

Three members of the University of Queensland’s esteemed dentistry community have joined the leadership ranks of the Australian Dental Association Queensland Branch.

5 December 2017
The impacts of sexual abuse include a range of long-term psychological, interpersonal, and health-related difficulties.

Psychotherapy that encourages self-compassion may help treat survivors of sexual abuse, University of Queensland researchers have found.

4 December 2017

Anyone watching the Ashes this summer and struggling to see the pink cricket ball used in day-night matches should try wearing rose-tinted glasses, according to University of Queensland researchers.

30 November 2017

Humour is a free underestimated resource with many benefits older adults can use in their everyday lives to promote their health and wellness. Research by registered psychologist and Master of Psychology student Ms Sharon Taylor from The...

27 November 2017