Health and Behavioural Sciences (HaBS) Orientation

We've reached full seated capacity for our undergraduate and new-to-UQ orientation session, but don't worry, we have two options for you to consider:

Join the standing room:
If you're eager to dive right in and get started, you're more than welcome to join us in the morning session as a standing attendee. While seating won't be available, you'll still have access to all the valuable information and activities planned for the day.

Please arrive at the UQ Centre from 9:15am and join the standing queue and please ​add your name to the waiting list.

Attend the postgraduate session in the afternoon:
Alternatively, if your schedule allows, you can join our postgraduate session in the afternoon.

Please note that while some details may vary between the sessions, the majority of the information provided will be the same, with the aim of helping you settle into UQ and your studies.


Welcome to the Health and Behavioural Sciences Faculty.

We’re excited to welcome you for Orientation at The University of Queensland.

You’ll meet your fellow students and find out everything you need to know about life at UQ and what to expect from your program (degree).

There are several sessions that you will need to attend to ensure you get off to the best start.

Step 1: Register for one of the Faculty Orientation Welcome sessions

You can choose the session that is best for you.

See welcome sessions

Step 2: Register for your specific Program Information session

Browse the different sections to ensure you register for your program sessions.

See program information sessions

Step 3: Join us at the HaBS Social and placement information sessions

Meet fellow students and expand your network.

See social and placement sessions

Remember to put your sessions in your calendar. Just click the 'Add to calendar' () icon to stay on top of dates, times, and locations.

Explore the university-wide event program for Semester 1, 2024 orientation on the central orientation website.

If you need any help identifying which exact sessions you should attend, you can contact the HaBS Faculty Student Experience Team. If you have any other questions related to Orientation, or around starting at UQ, please head to the UQ Orientation landing page, or contact Student Central.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Eleanor, Janine, Santiago and Sophia
Your HaBS Faculty Student Experience Team


HaBS Faculty Orientation

Please register for one of the Faculty Orientation Welcome sessions below – you can choose the session that is best for you

Undergraduate and new-to-UQ students welcome session

Tuesday, 13 February 2024 - 10:00am to 1:00pm

 UQ Centre (27A)

This session is for students who have never attended university before, and those who are entirely new to UQ.

Full event details

Postgraduate, mature-age and return-to-study students welcome session

Tuesday, 13 February 2024 - 2:00pm to 4:30pm

 UQ Centre (27A)

This session is for postgraduate students, students who have not studied for a long period of time, and students who are already familiar with studying at UQ.

Full event details

Program Information Sessions

You also need to register to attend your compulsory program information sessions. These sessions play a vital role in providing essential insights into your academic path. Treat them as a fundamental step toward a successful academic journey.

Choose your program (degree) from the list below.

There may be more than one information session that you need to register for.

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