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UQ offers resources to help you build your employability at every stage of your studies, from hands-on experiences such as industry placements, work experience, volunteering and overseas study, to mentoring programs and leadership awards, you can give yourself a career head-start long before you graduate.

UQ also offers a range of resources, practical tools, and personalised advice to enhance your degree and maximise your career success.

Build your employability

Resources, opportunities and tools to help you get ahead.

Visit UQ's Employability and Careers website for career advice and job opportunities, with resources designed to enhance your degree, build your network, and help you hit the ground running.
Available to both undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students, the UQ Employability Award combines work experience, volunteering and extra-curricular activities to help develop your skills beyond the classroom and enhance your appeal as a well-rounded graduate.
Maximise your career success with this free, self-paced EdX course, designed to help develop your employability and showcase your skills to potential employers beyond your credentials.
Gain important life skills and an international perspective with a global experience. UQ offers a range of student exchanges and short-term overseas study experiences that will give you a professional edge.

Industry placements

Most qualifications in the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences require students to complete clinical or industry placements with our network of local, national and international hospitals and healthcare partners. Placements offer valuable practical experience, ensuring graduates are confident and workplace-ready when they commence their careers.

Find information on your discipline's placement requirements.
See what our students have to say about their industry placements.

Summer research program

Apply for a Summer Research Program and work with a researcher in a formal research environment.

You'll apply your classroom knowledge, gain valuable academic and professional skills, and develop industry and academic contacts.

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