Mission and strategy

The Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences is at the forefront of innovation in health education and research.

Our mission:

There’s a growing recognition worldwide for the need to offer a transformed healthcare experience that’s cost-effective, preventative, multi-disciplinary and sustainable, bringing together education, research, and clinical practice.

We seek to be at the vanguard of this change.

Our Faculty’s aspiration is to be a genuinely world-class collective of scholars, educators and clinicians who, together with key partners in the health sector, set the directions for health and behavioural sciences nationally and internationally. 

The Faculty provides a focal point for the important reciprocal relationship between health and behaviour – how behaviour influences health and how health influences behaviour – recognising that sustaining behavioural change is the key to securing better individual and public health outcomes.

Within Australia’s health economy, our aim is to ensure the kind of healthcare Australians expect: evidence-based, cost-efficient and effective.

We are seeking to confront the most pressing health issues of our time, including mental health, healthy ageing, substance abuse and addictions, and obesity and Indigenous health.

Our strategy:

We recognise that the health system needs to provide integrated care, and we utilise interprofessional education and interdisciplinary research opportunities to help develop this. Our integrated, problem-based learning approach attracts students and early career researchers to train with teams in our faculty.

We partner with public and private care services to embed health and behavioural sciences teaching and research at key clinical sites in the greater Brisbane area and beyond.

Our blending of schools from allied health with psychology and cognitive science makes possible new and innovative approaches to dealing with the behavioural as well as the biological elements of health.

With diversity of hands-on experience, and access to cutting-edge research, our students are prepared for the widest range of clinical and community care situations, and to address the community's changing health needs.