More than 250 people develop diabetes in Australia every day. Source: iStock

The University of Queensland has several senior researchers available to speak to media during National Diabetes Week from 13 to 19 July, 2014.

11 July 2014
Young Australian women out-drink their mothers

Young Australian women are ignoring the dangers of excessive drinking and consuming more alcohol than their mothers did at the same age.

1 July 2014
 Dr Chris Freeman has been named Consultant Pharmacist of the Year.

University of Queensland alumnus and lecturer Dr Chris Freeman has been named Consultant Pharmacist of the Year in recognition of his contributions to improving patient care.

30 June 2014
Caption: Clinical Educator Teresa Quinlan joins students Tereza Stillerova, Anthony Truong, Kaitlin Nielsen, Joseph Bisgrove, Ashleigh Allman and Rachel Lucas at the outdoor area (not pictured: Allison Mandrusiak).

University of Queensland students have built an outdoor play area to help disabled children in Vietnam enhance their motor skills.

27 June 2014
Homeless most at risk of poor oral health

New research from The University of Queensland has highlighted poor dental health as one of the most detrimental, but least understood, aspects of homelessness in Australia.

16 June 2014
Researchers want to talk wills

About 40 per cent of Australians do not have a will, but what happens when people die without one, and what does this mean for your family?

11 June 2014

Lack of exercise is a greater risk for heart disease in women over 30 than smoking, obesity and high blood pressure, University of Queensland researchers have found.

28 May 2014

Professor Jeff Coombes from The University of Queensland School of Human Movement Studies is leading research that aims to reduce the high mortality rate associated with kidney disease through exercise interventions.

26 May 2014

The benefits of high-intensity interval training for people with chronic kidney disease is the focus of a team of researchers at The University of Queensland.

26 May 2014
Study finds that personality traits influence activity in punishment-related brain areas.

In a neuroimaging study, a UQ psychologist has examined whether having allegiances with someone can affect feelings of empathy when punishing and rewarding others.

8 May 2014
Acute myeloid leukaemia cells as appeared in haematology journal Blood

A molecular ‘target’ that could lead to a drug to fight leukaemia is in the sights of a team of University of Queensland researchers.

7 May 2014
pregnant belly

Working together to provide the best support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families during pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

6 May 2014
To like or not to like - that is the question.

Loneliness and a lack of self-worth could result from a lack of ‘likes’ on Facebook, according to researchers from The University of Queensland.

29 April 2014

The International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology (IJSLP) has retracted an academic paper and is expected to publish a ‘reader alert’ for a second paper following advice from the University of Queensland.

28 April 2014
Motion capture technology follows boxer Alex Leapai.

A team of UQ researchers is helping Australian world heavyweight title contender Alex Leapai prepare to win the heavyweight championship of the world in Germany later this month.

15 April 2014

The journal Aphasiology has retracted an academic paper following advice from the University of Queensland.

4 April 2014

A young researcher from The University of Queensland will network with Nobel Prize winners in Germany at one of the world’s most prestigious annual science events.

2 April 2014
Textured insoles

University of Queensland research is investigating the effects textured shoe insoles have on walking problems associated with multiple sclerosis.

2 April 2014
UQ research looks at high intensity interval training to treat child obesity.

University of Queensland research is investigating if high intensity interval training is an effective treatment to improve health conditions in overweight children and adolescents.

31 March 2014
TEDxUQ 2014 – “Old Ideas, New World”.

Some of Queensland’s finest minds will converge on The University of Queensland on 29 March for TEDxUQ 2014 – themed “Old Ideas, New World”.

28 March 2014
Tomika Steele says the UQ Summer Research Program is rewarding.

Taking and sharing photographs on Instagram can increase people’s awareness of what is going on around them, according to one research project from The University of Queensland's Summer Research Program.

27 March 2014
Students were welcomed at the annual Student Engagement Ceremony.

A sea of white coats flanked The University of Queensland’s Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence (PACE) as first-year students were welcomed at an official ceremony.

21 March 2014