Are Australians getting COVID complacent? The data suggests not

23 July 2020

In recent days, there's been talk of 'lockdown fatigue'.

The story goes that Melbourne's second lockdown hasn't flattened the curve yet because people are not obeying the rules like they did the first time; they're bored and tired of staying at home.

Fatigue, complacency, boredom: it may come as a surprise to learn that there's not much evidence for the theory that people are breaking the rules simply because of mental weakness — that they don't have the resilience or perseverance.

Some aren't complying, but in most cases it's probably not because of their willingness, according to an ongoing survey of Australians.

Professors Alex Haslam and Jolanda Jetten, from the UQ School of Psychology, spoke to Triple J Hack about the COVID-19 Monitor survey conducted by the ABC and Vox Pop Labs, and a UQ survey where they asked a sample of nearly 500 Australians about their intention to comply with restrictions.

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