Illness the jab won't cure: Warning of mental health crisis when borders re-open

24 September 2021

Professor Jolanda Jetten from UQ's School of Psychology spoke to InQueensland about the emergence of a national mental health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A team of researchers from University of Queensland said higher vaccination rates and the recovery of business and tourism would not signal the end of the impacts of the COVID pandemic.

Professor Jolanda Jetten said new research showed the full impacts of the pandemic on Queensland communities were only starting to be realised.

“Mental health is the emerging crisis,” Jetten said.

“We know the mental health impact is bad at the moment. But we haven’t seen the peak yet of the crisis that COVID has triggered.

“Mental health problems don’t stop when people get vaccinated. We are going to have a bigger problem in a year, two years’ time, compared to what it is now.”

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