When COVID hits our most vulnerable communities

1 September 2021

Professor James Ward from UQ's Poche Centre for Indigenous Health featured on Triple J Hack discussing COVID-19 cases and vaccinations in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 

Australia has recorded the grim milestone of its first Aboriginal death from COVID, despite First Nations communities being a priority vaccination group.

"We've been in this pandemic for 18 months and there has been a lot of planning for Indigenous communities to mitigate this kind of risk, it hasn't worked this time and obviously we are seriously thinking about what went wrong," Professor Ward said. 

"We could always do better when it comes to messaging, like many remote communities they are under serviced and that includes housing stock so people are living in crowded housing.

"The ideal situation would be to roll out the vaccine into communities where we don't have outbreaks so that we have high coverage should COVID then come into communities. 

Professor Ward is featured in the first seven minutes of the episode. 

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