Teens dumping nicotine for cannabis in troubling new vaping trend

27 October 2021

PhD student Carmen Lim from UQ's National Centre For Youth Substance Use Research featured in an InQueensland article discussing the growth in cannabis vaping amongst teenagers. 

A review of 17 studies that surveyed nearly 200,000 teens in the US and Canada found more than twice as many North American high schoolers had tried a cannabis vape in 2020 than in 2013

UQ researcher Carmen Lim said cannabis vaping was “the new thing” that was also set to impact Australia.

“While the cannabis market in the US is unregulated, it is different to here. But unfortunately, you can get hold of these products here as well,” Lim said.

“We are not totally immune. What is happening in the US will also possibly happen in Australia.

“This is a trend, so parents really do need to keep an eye on students.”

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