Therapy Dogs In University Could Improve Mental Health

26 August 2022

Dr Jess Hill from UQ’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences featured on Ten News First Queensland, talking about a new study into the mental health benefits of animal assisted learning in university settings.

With the help of trained therapy dog Elsa, Dr Hill is conducting the research to see if it can help to reduce anxiety and stress in students. 

“Elsa is joining me as I teach my tutorials, and students will be able to actively engage with her throughout the lesson," Dr Hill said.

“Training first and foremost is really important.

"She is a trained and assessed therapy dog, so not just bringing anyones pets into the classroom."

Student Eliza Markwell said Elsa is a big motivator.

“Just having an animal in the room in general really lifts the mood and it really is a big motivator for people to come to class.”

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