Faculty announces psychology professorships

8 Nov 2022

Three academic staff from The University of Queensland’s School of Psychology have been promoted to Professor in recognition of their exceptional work.

Associate Professors Jason Tangen, Fiona Barlow and Genevieve Dingle will assume their professorships on 1 January 2023.

Faculty Executive Dean Professor Bruce Abernethy commended the academics on their significant contributions and dedication to the university, students and their fields.

“I look forward to seeing the continuation of their exemplary work demonstrating excellence in research, teaching, engagement and leadership,” Professor Abernethy said.

Associate Professor
Jason Tangen

Associate Professor Tangen’s research focuses on using cognitive science to develop tools that can boost student learning, improve teaching practices and assessment, and make forensic evidence more accurate and reliable.

“I am honoured by this recognition,” Dr Tangen said.

“I owe any success I've had to my colleagues and mentors, as well as to the many exceptional students I've been fortunate enough to work with over the years.”

Associate Professor Genevieve Dingle whose research focuses on music, mental health, loneliness and social connection said it was thrilling to be promoted to Professor.

Associate Professor
Genevieve Dingle

“It shows that UQ values the work that my team and I have done over the past decade on social groups and mental health,” Dr Dingle said.

“We are only just beginning to understand the important role group belonging plays in determining our health, wellbeing and community participation.

“I'm looking forward to building evidence about social prescribing to meaningful group activities as a response to loneliness in Australia.

“I would like to see non-clinical pathways to mental health accorded the same level of value in the health system that we give to clinical pathways.”

Associate Professor 
Fiona Barlow

Associate Professor Fiona Barlow’s work focuses on social psychology, researching areas related to racism, prejudice, discrimination, social identity and sexual satisfaction disparity to name a few. 

Dr Barlow was recently recognised at UQ’s Research and Innovation Awards, receiving an Award for Excellence in Higher Degree Research Supervision.



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