Indigenous sleep coach wants a score of 40 winks all

16 March 2023

Associate Professor Yaqoot Fatima from UQ's Poche Centre for Indigenous Health featured in a story published by The Canberra Times about a study delivering culturally responsive sleep health services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adolescents in Queensland.

The project is being delivered in partnership between UQ and Beyond Blue.

Project lead Associate Professor Yaqoot Fatima from said Indigenous teens experience up to twice the rates of poor sleep as other adolescents.

"Poor sleep can be caused by medical conditions like sleep apnoea and restless leg syndrome, or behavioural issues such as an irregular bedtime, late nights, and not getting enough sleep," she said.

"Indigenous adolescents sleep better when they feel connected to their culture, which is why this program is important."

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This article was originally published by AAP. The National Indigenous Times also ran a story.