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I arrived at UQ in 2015 as a student from the joint degree program with the University of Indonesia (UI). I received a scholarship from the joint degree program to complete my Bachelor of Arts at UQ, as well as an Honours scholarship. I recently graduated with Honours Class 1 in Psychology. I’m aiming to become a clinical psychologist and I have enjoyed working with families and young people.

1. What has been a highlight of your time at UQ?

The opportunity to meet such inspiring people has been a highlight of my time at UQ. For about two years I volunteered as a Research Assistant at the Parenting and Family Support Centre, working on the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program. I was able to explore my interest in research and practice of clinical psychology, specifically working with families which I have really enjoyed. I learned a lot directly from the experts in the area such as Dr Divna Haslam, and was fortunate to take part in fieldwork with one of Dr Haslam’s PhD student, Kathryn Esparza.

Honours year is also another highlight. It was not easy, but I thought my Honours year has been one of the greatest learning experiences I’ve had. I didn’t just learn about research but also a lot about myself.

2. What will you miss about UQ?

I will definitely miss the beautiful Great Court, my favourite study spot in the Social Sciences and Humanities Library, the relaxing atmosphere of UQ Lakes, and of course, the coffee.

3. What would your recommendation be to someone starting out in your degree?

My recommendation is be curious and be confident. I have learned that curiosity and confidence gave me the opportunities to learn and to explore my interests in this field. I have found the academics really appreciate students who show high motivation to learn. Especially in Honours year, it will be a quite busy year but it goes really quickly, so make sure you enjoy every moment of it.

4. Why UQ?

UQ has one of the best psychology programs in the country and even worldwide. Since I was in school I have always wanted to study abroad, and the joint degree program was an excellent opportunity to do that. The psychology program at UQ has a broad range of courses and centres devoted in the many areas of psychology, including clinical psychology and family psychology that I’m really interested in. After two years, I knew for sure that I wanted to continue on doing the Honours program at UQ, which I recently completed. I hope I can come back to do postgraduate studies at UQ.

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Last updated:
28 June 2022