How to survive your first year of uni

The time has come for you to officially transition from being a confident, composed and mature high-school senior to a newbie uni student. Here are some of our hot tips which to help you breeze through first year like a champ.

  1. Get organised – Mum can’t do it for you!

    If there is ever a time not to ‘wing it’, this is the year! Get yourself organised a couple of days prior to O-Week with your bag, note taking devices (charged laptop or the good old A4 writing book), Go Card (if you are taking public transport), water bottle and class schedule.
  2. Plan your transport

    If you're going to drive to campus, make sure you have a plan in mind of where you are going to park. There are heaps of paid parking options a the St Lucia campus, check out Parking at UQ for further details. 

    For those who plan on getting public transport make sure you give yourself plenty of time and have your Go Card topped up. As convenient as the routes are into campus, you can never prepare for unexpected transport delays so best be early rather than running into class in a hot mess.
  3. Arrive at your lectures and tutorials ahead of time

    Take us up on this tip! Arrive at your lecture at least 10 minutes before it is due to start. There is nothing worse than turning up late to a lecture, interrupting everyone (including the lecturer) while you try to find a seat among a crowd which could be up to 500 new students. Plan your travel so you can get there early and who knows you might even make a new friend while you wait to go inside.
  4. Download UQ Nav

    The St Lucia campus can sometimes feel like a bit of a maze so make sure you download the UQ Nav app to help you find where you're meant to go. It will save you heaps of time and will ensure you avoid looking like the lost first-year student. Please note: even if you do end up looking lost, don't worry, there will be many others just like you!
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

    It can feel slightly intimidating with all these new people and new places but remember, we have all been there before! Chances are that others will be feeling the same, so don’t be scared to ask for help.
  6. Use your breaks wisely

    It is normal to have some breaks in your class timetable during your first week as tutorials do not start until week two. You can use this time to explore the campus and get familiar with some of the great facilities including; the eight libraries, sleeping pods, UQ Union eateries, UQ lakes, coffee shops, UQ Sport facilities like the pool and gym - just to name a few.
  7. Get involved

    A very exciting chapter of your life is about to start so put yourself out there and make the most of it. Take the opportunity to talk to others - you don’t know who might end up as your new BFF. There are plenty of student clubs across every topic you could possibly imagine on campus (which you will find out on Market Day during O Week). We encourage you to learn as much as you can, have fun and enjoy the journey towards you dream career. 
Last updated:
25 January 2023