Practice Mindful Eating this National Nutrition Week

Mindfulness is about being present and bringing awareness to feelings, emotions and thoughts. Mindful Eating is therefore being aware how food makes you feel, slowing down and enjoying every bite. Eating mindfully helps to reduce the impact of stress on your digestion, leads to an improved relationship with food and may help with overeating or emotional eating.

How can we practice mindful eating?

#1 Eat without distractions

When we eat our food with distractions around us it can prompt faster easting which may lead to overeating or unwanted digestive symptoms. For one meal of the day, try sitting down with no distractions and focusing on the present moment and meal.

#2 Take a few deep breaths and pause for calm before you eat

Taking a moment to pause and breathe helps to position your body and mind into a restful state and allows for proper digestion of your food. This means your body can utilise all of the the nutrients from the food. Before starting your meal, try taking 5 deep breaths.

#3 Eat slowly, take your time and appreciate each bite

Slowing down when eating helps to improve digestion, which may lead to weight loss and higher levels of satisfaction with your meal. Aim to finish your first mouthful before starting another one.

#4 Identify how foods makes you feel and choose food that nourishes your health and soul

Take note of how different foods make you feel and choose the ones that make you feel good. We know there is a link between your gut and brain, so selecting food that supports digestion and benefits your health will lead to overall wellbeing.

#5 Honour your hunger and fullness cues

Listen to the cues your body is giving you while eating. Does your stomach feel too full…or is it just right? Rather than overeating on certain foods as an emotional response, try and tune into your hunger signals and honour when you have either had enough or need more. 

It’s important to remember that mindful Eating isn't a new diet, it's a new skill to bring into your day. Any new habit takes time and practice, so be patient with yourself and over time you will develop a mindful way of eating.

Last updated:
9 January 2023