There are a range of pre-placement requirements set by the University of Queensland (UQ) that you are required to meet prior to the commencement of placements.

Information on the specific requirements for your program can be found in the 'how to apply' information on the Future Students website.

In addition to the UQ requirements, there are additional pre-placement requirements for practical placements that take place within Queensland Health (QH) facilities.

You must supply accredited documentation to confirm you have met and completed each requirement.

Pre-placement requirement checklist will include the following depending on your specific program requirements:

Complete the Student Immunisation Record

You are required to demonstrate immunity to vaccine preventable diseases. To do this you are required to submit to your School a Student Immunisation Record that has been completed by your registered General Practitioner (GP). For more information on your immunisation requirements and to download your immunisation forms, visit the pre-placement immunisations page.

Please note: Some programs require students to provide evidence of their status with respect to blood-borne transmissible viruses. Students who have a blood-borne virus may have restrictions placed on their scope of practice, or may not be permitted to undertake the program. 

Pre-placement immunisations information

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Apply for a Blue Card

The Blue Card system determines a person’s eligibility to work with children and is based on past police and disciplinary information.

Your respective School will provide you with a pre-filled application form. Complete the appropriate sections and return to your School. This will then be lodged with the Department of Justice and Attorney-General on your behalf.

Blue Card renewals

A Blue Card is valid for three years. You will need to renew it once it has expired.

Apply for a Blue Card

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Complete your First Aid and CPR Certificate

You are required to be trained in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

A First Aid certificate is valid for three years and the CPR component of the course is valid for 12 months. You are required to renew the CPR component annually.

To find a course please check the Australian Government’s My Skills website for a registered training organisation within Australia.

First Aid and CPR training renewal

The First Aid certificate is valid for three years and the CPR certificate is valid for 12 months. You will need to ensure you have current certificates for the duration of your study.

Visit the My Skills website

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Provide evidence of your criminal history

All students undertaking placements in an Aged Care environment are legislatively required to complete a Criminal History Check (Police Certificate) and must supply the University with appropriate evidence they have completed the check.

The National Police Check provides you with ‘clearance’, or in some cases, certification of a student’s ‘disclosable history’ based on a search of your name against the criminal history records. A criminal record won't always stop you from going on placement, but some organisations might not permit you to undertake a placement in the facilities.

To apply for a National Police Certificate, you must complete an Application for a Police Check ‘Name Only’ and submit online, along with Proof of Identification (e.g. drivers licence, passport or two other forms of ID bearing your signature). This process can be lengthy; therefore, you are encouraged to start the application process early and your school can advise when this is required.

Lived overseas?

If you have been a citizen or a permanent resident of a country other than Australia after you turned 16 years of age and you are required to provide a police certificate, you must instead complete a Statutory Declaration stating that you have never, in Australia or another country, been convicted of murder or sexual assault, or convicted of, and sentenced to imprisonment for, any other form of assault.

Apply for a Police Certificate 

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Complete a Medical Fitness Questionnaire

Also known as Fitness to Undertake Clinical Practice.

This is a questionnaire to assess your medical fitness prior to undertaking a practical placement. You are required to declare to the University if you have an impairment or medical condition that may detrimentally affect your ability to undertake the program, or may place the public at substantial risk of harm.

Having an impairment or medical condition does not automatically prevent you from completing the program. However, you will be required to meet with a member of academic and/or support staff to determine what (if any) alternate arrangements can be made to support you progression through the program.

The School will provide you with the questionnaire; once read, understood and signed, return the document to your school. 

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Read and sign a Confidentiality/Commitment Statement

You will be required to read and sign a statement confirming that you will act ethically and abide by University and placement provider policies and procedures while on practical placements. 

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Meet Queensland Health (QH) Requirements (only required for QH facilities)

If you are completing your placement in a Queensland Health facility, you are required to meet the Queensland Health pre-placement requirements, as well as UQ's requirements. The Queensland Health orientation is designed to ensure that you understand and agree to Queensland Health’s policies and procedures while on placement within their facilities.

You are required to complete the Orientation Checklist, Student Deed Poll and a number of Online Modules prior to commencing a placement within Queensland Health facilities.

The Queensland Health Orientation information can be accessed here

All of the information you need is on the QH website, however the Faculty has developed a Queensland Health Orientation Guide (PDF, KB 139) to assist you with completing these requirements.

Queensland Health Orientation requirements

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Submit your documents via InPlace

Once your documents are complete, they should be submitted via UQ's placement management system, InPlace.

Please note that submission deadlines vary by discipline. For detailed instructions on how and when to submit your pre-placement requirement documents, visit the Submitting Your Documents page.

Submit your documents

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