Dr Bec BennettPresented by Dr Bec Bennett, Clinical and Research Audiologist, Ear Science Institute Australia and Adjunct Senior Clinical Research Fellow, Curtin University.


Hearing loss affects access to spoken language, which can affect cognition, social participation and mental health. Yet routine audiological services provide little support for these mental wellbeing impacts of hearing loss.

Dr Bennett and her team developed a behavior change intervention, the AIMER program, to equip and empower clinical audiologists to deliver mental health support to adults with hearing loss within routine care. The AIMER incorporates a variety of intervention functions and behaviour change techniques, including instruction and demonstration, information about others approval, adding objects to the environment, use of prompts/cues, and endorsement from credible sources. Evaluation of the AIMER demonstrated significant increase in audiologists’ behaviours relating to (i) asking about, (ii) providing general information, and (iii) providing personalized information and support for the mental wellbeing impacts of hearing loss.
This webinar will not only share the research findings, but also present evidence-based methods for preventing and managing hearing loss, and its mental wellbeing impacts. 

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