This workshop will cover all phases of research, from how to settle on an impactful but feasible project, co-design and respectful partnerships with older people, networking with relevant community organisations, common pitfalls in methodology and data write-up, targeting the right journal and audience for your work, and tips for setting the stage for your next career move in the field. Finally, the importance of setting up a mentoring team will be discussed.

This workshop is discipline-agnostic; whatever field you are in, if research with older adults is your interest, this workshop will speak to you. The workshop doubles as a networking opportunity with refreshments provided. The appetite within the group for forming an on-going informal early-career researcher network/listserv will also be up for discussion. 


About Healthy Ageing Initiative HDR research workshops

Are you an HDR student researching, or thinking about embarking on research, in the area of ageing?

Come along to a Healthy Ageing Initiative HDR Research Workshop to learn more.


Global Change Institute (Building 20), St Lucia campus
Rooms 271 and 273