One in three older Australians are from culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse backgrounds. It is important to understand the unique care and support needs among this group to inform policy and culturally inclusive and responsive healthcare and services.

At this webinar, Dr Xiaoping Lin from Monash University will present her recent work on mental health and dementia among older Australians from culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse backgrounds. This includes a Beyond Blue funded study that examined depression and anxiety in older Chinese people and a Dementia Australia Research Foundation funded study that explored the experience of interpreter-mediated assessments among clinicians, interpreters and carers.

Xiaoping will also present the evidence on cultural, ethnic and linguistic disparities in dementia diagnosis from the NHMRC-funded Australian Dementia Network (ADNeT) Registry, a newly established national clinical quality registry for people newly diagnosed with dementia or mild cognitive impairment.


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