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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we all live, and has exposed each of us to restrictions that many would have thought unimaginable just a short time ago. From supermarket limitations to complete city lockdowns, people across the globe have been required to comply to a set of constantly changing rules and restrictions as we try to contain the virus. Professor Jolanda Jetten from the UQ School of Psychology will explore the social psychological theory on compliance that is highlighted by an event such as COVID-19 and examine complacency and behaviour fatigue.

In this webinar Professor Jetten will also present data collected from 11 countries at the start of the pandemic and explore the attitudes towards compliance with the differing COVID-19 restrictions.

About Professor Jolanda Jetten: Professor Jetten was awarded a PhD in 1997 from the University of Amsterdam and then took up a postdoctoral fellowship position with UQ . Jolanda has additionally worked at the University of Exeter and been employed as an ARC Future Fellow (2012-2016), UQ Development Fellow (2017-2019), and was recently awarded an ARC Laureate Fellowship (2019-2023).

About 2020 HaBS Alumni Webinar Series

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