The Health Collective is a community of HaBS students across all year levels and programs, co-creating engaging events for the student body.

What’s involved

Each year the Health Collective Members will meet with the HaBS Student Experience Team to plan and co-ordinate, and volunteer to run a selection of events for the following academic year.

Your time commitment:

There will be three touch key points throughout the academic year.

September – Welcome and induction session

October – Event planning meeting

February – Event finalisation

Event Schedule Semester 1:

1 event in Orientation Week

1 event week 4

Event Schedule Semester 2:

1 event in Orientation Week

1 event week 4

Be recognised and celebrate at the end of year Volunteer Appreciation Night

How to get involved

We are looking for current HaBS students, all year levels across all programs, with a range of skills, interest and experiences.

Students are asked to:

  • Help with four events across the academic year
  • Complete the application on Studenthub
  • Contribute to activating the HaBS student experience

Join us

Applications are now open.